Gareth Emery And Ashley Wallbridge Trash On Main Stage EDM As CVNT5


CVNT5 may not be the heroes mainstream EDM deserves, but they’re the ones it needs right now.

Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge have just revealed quite the unexpected side project. The two English trance DJ/producers have launched a brand called CVNT5 (pronounced “cunts”) that embodies a laundry list of stereotypes associated with EDM excess.

A video uploaded to Gareth Emery’s YouTube channel tells the tongue-in-cheek story of two aspiring artists (played by Emery and Wallbridge) who choose to go the ghostwriter route instead of honing their craft through hard work and dedication. In what a montage makes seem like an overnight transition, they soon find themselves headlining festival main stages.

CVNT5 doesn’t stop at the video, though. It appears to be a full-on side project, complete with a lively website and merchandise for a speculative fan base that they already affectionately refer to as “TEAM PEASANT5.” Seriously, you can buy a hat and everything.


As far as the music itself is concerned, while it’s structured around popular progressive house, the two artists’ trance-rooted sound design subtleties are definitely apparent. They’ve only got the one self-titled track that accompanied their debut video out at the time being, though, so they’ve certainly got time to dumb down their creative process even further.

If you get a kick out of Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge’s CVNT5 project, then keep on the lookout for more releases, skits and appearances from the duo as festival season draws near.