GAWVI’s “Late Nights” Isn’t Your Typical R&B Track


The influence of electronic music can be seen in almost every other music style nowadays, but GAWVI‘s latest song makes for one of the more inventive crossovers. “Late Nights” is the first single from the multitalented artist’s Lost in Hue EP, and it exhibits a stylistic synthesis unlike anything else out there.

GAWVI formerly put out hip-hop under the name “G-Styles,” and his sense of lyricism is certainly present in the vocal top line of “Late Nights.” However, the arangement’s true appeal lies in its production elements, which fuse the sound design of future house and melodic trap into a structure that doesn’t fall into any clear-cut genre category.

GAWVI‘s two-track Lost in Hue EP comes out today on Reach Records, so we’ll soon know what else the singer/songwriter/producer has in store for us. In the meantime, listen to “Late Nights” above and tell us what you think in the comments below.