Gorgon City Drops New Single “Zoom Zoom” With Wyclef Jean


Gorgon City have unveiled another track off their upcoming second album, teaming up with Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean on a new single titled “Zoom Zoom.” Following up on previous efforts like “All Four Walls,” and “Impaired Vision,” the duo’s latest effort serves as the fourth single for Kingdom, the first half of which is set to be released in August.

“Zoom Zoom” is a deep house cut infused with tribal elements, while Wyclef Jean’s distinctive vocals serve as a highlight throughout the single’s five minute run time. Ethereal synths and atmospheric samples open the song, gradually building up to the more dance oriented material. Layered percussion and four on the floor kicks then combine to give the song a world flavored rhythm, accompanied by a catchy bassline.

“Zoom Zoom” is more of an underground track than a straight banger, but there’s plenty of energy to satisfy club goers. Wyclef Jean’s chanted vocals pair up well with Gorgon City‘s production, resulting in a memorable single from the UK duo.