Gramatik Debuts Unreleased ID Live At Decadence NYE


As the first night of Decadence NYE in Denver, Colorado drew to a close, the last of the partygoers that remained in the Colorado Convention Center filled the dance floor in front of the City Hall stage during Gramatik‘s set. Their patience paid off, as the Slovenian bass music mainstay rewarded them with a never-before-heard track shortly before exiting the stage.

Before the point at which the above video begins, Gramatik had announced that he would cue his latest track, and that it was the first time he’d ever tested it out on a live audience. “We’ll see what happens,” he said.

By our measure, the ID passed with flying colors. The rich instrumentals in the beginning built to a peak before an invigorating bass drop with a sprinkling of dutch synths whipped the audience into a swaying frenzy. If anything, the ID made for a heavier-than-usual addition to Gramatik‘s discography – but considering Colorado’s still inexplicably devoted dubstep scene, it’s safe to assume that nobody was complaining.

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