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Halle Bailey flaunts grownup glow-up in stunning fashionista selfies

Halle is a chic vision in this monochromatic VS Pink collab.

Photo by Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty Images for VS PINK

Halle Bailey is a force; that in itself isn’t news to anyone, nor is the fact that she’s totally stunning, but a new set of selfies has added to the already rising temps in our area today, and we had to pick our jaws off the floor after opening her latest tweet.

Bailey’s selfies are always quite awe-inspiring, like the mermaid look she shared with us just days ago, but we have to say this bunch might be at the top of our favorites list. Bailey is a vision in black, with a long jacket, cropped top underneath, and wide-legged pants to match — she isn’t just beautiful; she’s showing she means business in the fashion realm.

Speaking of the fashion realm, the selfies appear to be taken on a day that was pretty special for Halle and Chole Bailey — the launch of their collaboration with VS Pink.

As usual, Bailey’s selfies highlight her natural glow, with little makeup on her face, a gloss on her lips, and a pretty pink on her eyelids; Bailey’s look demands attention — and she’s getting it. The responses to her Tweet highlight everything from a new inspiration to try a similar look, to people simply sharing fire and heart eye emojis — rightfully so.

Bailey is on top of the world right now for many reasons; still basking in the glow of becoming Ariel in Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid, she’s Disney royalty at its finest, and fans will soon be able to stream the film on Disney Plus.

She also released a new single just over a week ago, titled “Angel,” and the lyrics weren’t lost on fans who had been following her journey to becoming Ariel, despite some negativity from people hiding behind keyboards and talking negatively about her big debut.

“Do you ever make it out of your head?
Do you still swim in your thoughts?
Do you still mistake your flaws for property?
Something that just don’t sit right with you
But Heaven knows Heaven knows
Your wings can’t weigh you down

Angels make a way somehow
And if we fall, we fall on clouds

Black girl here, black girl with the black girl hair
Took a little sun kiss just to look like this
God sent, you’re an angel (angel)”

Here’s to Bailey’s new single, a stunning set of selfies, and to seeing what she does next! Bailey will soon swim onto your screens as The Little Mermaid becomes available for streaming on Sept. 6.

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