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‘Halo’ star addresses possible season 2 return for her character

Charlie Murphy on whether we'll see Makee in season 2.

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Halo season finale, “Transcendence.”

Today’s final episode of Halo ended with a surprising twist for Charlie Murphy’s character, the Covenant spy known as Makee or the Blessed One. Now, in a new interview, the Irish actress talks about the prospects of another return to the sci-fi military franchise in the near future.

Spoilers to follow.

In the last moments of the Halo finale, Kai shoots Makee to break off her connection with Master Chief, saving Silver Team and securing the keystones for mankind. John surrenders control of his body to Cortana, and the AI doesn’t spare a second glance at the fallen Makee, instead using that window of opportunity to pick up the artifacts and make off with the rest of the Spartans.

“Transcendence” makes it seem like Makee is dead, but if she’s still recoverable, then the Covenant hierarchs (or High Prophets, as they’re otherwise known) may decide to keep her alive for the time being. As for what the actress had to say on the matter, Murphy recently sat down for a chat with ComicBook, revealing that she always knew where Makee would end up.

“Yeah, I had a good idea of where she was heading and what was going to happen. From the beginning, yes, I did,” she said.

Is it really possible for Master Chief’s ineffable and controversial love interest to make a return, though? Here’s what Murphy said when asked the same question.

“I think there is a wealth of ideas for Makee. I think there’s a lot that you could do with that character, if in some weird and wonderful future existence that she continued in any form. I could imagine some adventures for sure. I’ll try not to forget the language at least, just in case.”

We’d definitely be interested to see the series explore other facets of this character. But whether or not Murphy returns, we know for a fact that the show is coming back this summer with full force under a new showrunner, David Wiener; a television creative best known for his work on Fear the Walking Dead.

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