HARD Summer Unveils Curious Wild Goose Chase For Lineup Details


Alright, we get it HARD Summer, you’re the funny, edgy promoter on the block.

Gary Richards’ SoCal-based promotional company HARD appears to be revving up its engines to start releasing lineup details for the 2016 edition of its flagship festival, and the organizers have picked a strange new theme for their online presence.

A visit to the company website reveals that its homepage has been redesigned to look like a DOS command prompt from the ’90s. In addition, the HARD Fest Twitter account’s display name has been changed to “#RIPTHEINTERNET,” and a few versions of the following image have been shared on their various social media avenues:


Calling the number shared in the image takes you to a nostalgic menu recording in which a robotic voice explains that HARD created the hotline in the event that the internet ceased to exist. The caller can then press 4 for lineup details, 2 for information on how to purchase tickets, and 6 for information on how to play at HARD Summer in the future.

None of the options actually reveal any meaningful information, and most options lead to a URL which brings up the following form:


…And that’s where I tap out. It’s 2016 for Christ’s sake, and I refuse to send another fax no matter how dead the internet may be.

If you found a fax number to provide, though, you might be among the few who gain initial access to HARD Summer‘s first lineup announcement. As for the rest of us, we’ll just have to wait for the internet to turn back on, or whatever.