Here’s Further Evidence To Prove That Marshmello Is Dotcom


Ever since Marshmello broke onto the scene there have been numerous theories about just who’s standing under that damn mask. The most prevalent theory is that it’s really Dotcom, which sprang about due to some comments Skrillex made in an interview with Katie Couric, and while we don’t have any confirmation on that just yet, the evidence continues to mount.

A new photo, which can be seen below, shows how both artists have similar, if not the same tattoos. That, combined with the fact that they share the same management team all but proves the theory that Marshmello is Dotcom. Again though, there hasn’t been any official confirmation on the matter just yet, but we imagine that it will only be a matter of time before all is revealed.

Until then, however, check out the photo below and let us know which producer you think is standing underneath Marshmello‘s mask.