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Horror fans are ready to be terrified by ‘The Black Phone’

Just dial 1-800-HYPE!

A masked character in “The Black Phone”
Image via Blumhouse

The Black Phone is finally playing in theaters, and fans are absolutely eating up the latest scare-fest from Blumhouse. Currently boasting an 87 percent Rotten Tomatoes approval rating from critics, alongside a 93 percent audience rating, it seems like director Scott Derrickson has hit a home run.

Based on the 2004 short story of the same name, The Black Phone stars Ethan Hawke as the blood-curdling serial killer The Grabber, who kidnaps a young boy named Finney (Mason Thames) and locks him in a soundproof basement. In the basement, Finney discovers a disconnected telephone that allows past victims of the murderer to communicate with him. Finney then plots his escape using his newfound insider knowledge from his departed allies.

Horror enthusiasts are singing all the praise in the world for the film, urging everyone to catch a viewing at their local cinemas.

The outpouring of love caused writer and executive producer C. Robert Cargill to express his thanks for the fans’ enthusiasm for his latest venture.

Among those waiting in anticipation for a viewing is the horror icon himself, Steven King, whose son, Joe Hill, masterminded the original short story.

The buildup to The Black Phone has been going on for some time now, and with the film finally available to audiences, the buzz will only continue to climb. For those of you caught up in the hype, be sure to make good on it and catch The Black Phone, now playing in theaters.

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