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‘House of the Dragon’ fans are worshipping the world’s newest himbo, Ser Harwin Strong

A hot new himbo has entered the villa.

Ser Harwin of Himbo celebrated by fans
Image: HBO

Warning: Spoilers for House of the Dragon to follow

Himbos have become one of society’s greatest and most important pillars. Media companies and Hollywood are aware these types are heavily on demand right now, but HBO decided to crush fans with a recent death on House of the Dragon.

Ser Harwin Strong was far more than just a loving father, he was a beacon of light for himbo enthusiasts all across fantasy franchises. For so long they’ve been pushed into the shadows, and fans are feeling Harwin deserved far more time amongst the world.

The world isn’t ready to move on just yet, and Twitter is full of emotions as they slowly grieve the last Himbo on House of the Dragon. He needed just nine minutes of screen time to convince the world of who he was, masterful use of the script economy that film schools highlight so often to students.

House of the Dragon has covered a lot in its first season and introduced plenty of characters. Given Game of Thrones revived Jon Snow, it must be wondered whether they’ll do the right thing by buff dads everywhere and bring back Harwin. You know it’s the right thing to do, HBO.

A premature prediction is Harwin, should the internet love for him continue, could become the show’s most universally liked character. An absolutely faultless man, and there’s not enough of them in this George R.R. Martin hellscape

Actor Ryan Corr is a whole new discovery for the worldwide audience, with him previously only known for his roles in Australian television and cinema. His biggest call to fame prior to Westeros was being a victim in Wolf Creek 2, which is essentially just a documentary of Australian life.

Bless you Corr, for we hardly knew ye. House of the Dragon will somehow continue on in his absence, albeit they’ll need to get a new himbo diversity hire in for the second season.

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