How to Buy Disney NFTs

disney nft

Just like every successful business, Disney isn’t averse to following fads if there’s money to be made. With a net worth of over $100 billion, the Mouse House is hardly strapped for cash, but that hasn’t stopped it from getting in on the NFT craze currently dominating alternative investment markets.

While so-called non-fungible tokens don’t exactly adhere to the traditional concept of what many think of when the term cryptocurrency comes up in conversation, that’s exactly what NFTs are, but how does one go about getting their hands on the decidedly environmentally unfriendly assets?

Truth be told, there are avenues numerous enough that we couldn’t possibly cover them all here, though, in Disney’s case, the process is relatively simple. To coincide with Disney Plus Day on Nov. 12, the company will be dropping several limited edition pieces of digital art based on its owned brands, including Marvel and The Simpsons.

To be in with the chance of securing your own slice of patented Disney magic, you’ll need to download the VeVe app, available on iPhone and Android devices. Once in the app, you’ll need to credit your wallet with ‘Gems’. These are purchased with real money ($1 equals 1 Gem), with those being dropped on D+ Day mostly being auctioned off for 60 Gems, so fund your account accordingly.

Last but not least, it’s worth stressing that all NFTs sold this way are likely to disappear fast, so for the best chances of success, you’ll want to have the app open and a finger hovering over the Buy button as soon as a drop countdown hits zero. Every Disney NFT will be distributed in a blind box, meaning you won’t know exactly what you’re getting until payment has been taken. Good luck!