‘I didn’t think it would actually let me’: Twitch streamer shocked she can use this lewd word for her emotes

A photo of the Twitch user Stormfall, smiling at the camera, with headphones on
Image via Twitch / Stormfall33

Every day is eventful on America’s most profitable live-streaming platform, Twitch. Stormfall33, a self-proclaimed content creator, epic gamer and Twitch partnered streamer, whose online presence remains eponymously “Stormfall33” or “Stormfall” gave the internet its daily dose of laughter on a recent stream under her sub-category “Just Chatting.” The screen-recorded video has made its rounds on Reddit, tickling all the members of the r/LiveStreamFail sub-Reddit.

In the video, which can be accessed below, Stormfall33 can be seen tinkering with her Twitch preferences, including her Twitch emotes. For anyone that doesn’t know, prefixes are one-time changes that coincide with a username change. This prefix is randomly generated based on your new username, but can be manually altered. You are eligible to do this once for every username change. When twitch users wish to use these emotes, they type out the prefix and the action as one word. For example, Stormfall33’s emote prefix was “stormier” previously, therefore anyone wishing to use her emotes would need to type “stormiehi” or “stormiewave” — depending on which actions were available (as per the streamer’s own tastes).

Before electing to make the change, Stormfall33 continuously denied that Twitch would allow “cum” as a prefix. “I’m gonna get banned,” she said. “There’s no way you can use ‘cum.’”

Thinking it would be denied, Stormfall33 decided to change her emote prefix to “cum” (because we’re all immature sometimes) and to her surprise, Twitch accepted the change. However, Twitch states that the emote prefix can only be updated every 60 days (roughly 2 months), meaning that Stormfall33 must either contact Twitch support and hope that they revert the change — or just keep it. It’s hilarious. Now, as seen on the right-hand side, Stormfall33’s emotes, with the prefix “cum” added, read: “cumStab,” “cumSip,” “cumEye,” and many more. One Reddit user even pointed out that “cumSqueeze” was included somewhere on the list, which only makes the innocent mistake even funnier.

After the change took effect, Stormfall33 screamed, “I didn’t think it would actually let me! I thought it would be like, ‘this isn’t allowed’ — WHAT THE F**K?!”

Well, it’s gonna be a long 60 days for Stormfall33, but who knows, maybe this incident will reel in some new followers?