In case you wanted to feel older, Kate Hudson just shared her kid graduating from high school on the ‘Gram

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Kate Hudson is celebrating a significant milestone in her family, and we’re all feeling just a bit aged by her recent Instagram post.

Honoring her son Ryder as he graduates high school, Hudson notes that it always seemed like an almost- unreachable “moment” in their lives. Not because she doubted him, but simply because when our children are young and so full of magic and wonder, how fast they grow up doesn’t really set in.

“Today was a big day for our family. A day you talk about about when your kids are little and say things like “hey, one day it will be 2022 and you’ll graduate from high school!” As if that day is so far it is barely reachable. And then here we are!”

Hudson went on to sing Ryder’s praises, and she focused on how kind her son is and how exciting this next step in his life and their lives as a family will undeniably be. Of course, she also shared that it’s not the easiest step to take, but it’s a step well worth it.

“Ryder, you are the most incredible young man. Raising you has been one of the great gifts and pleasures of my life. You bring so much to everyone’s life. You are kind, loving, generous, patient, hilarious and one of a kind. I am so excited for this next chapter. Way to go baby! Ma loves you! AND!!! To all the parents out there feeling the same thing I am today! CONGRATS! Letting your babies fly ain’t easy but fly kiddos fly! “

With stardom in her blood, Hudson has been in the business since 1996, but took part in stage performing from age 11. Acting for several decades and starring in several iconic films, it seems as if some of us have grown up alongside Hudson, with others watching her grow throughout her career. So if the post that Hudson’s son just graduated from high school makes you feel older than usual today, you’re not alone.