Infinity Ward Shooting For A “Classic War Story” With Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare


Come November, Infinity Ward will be shooting for the stars with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, opening up the final frontier for galactic warfare, space dogfighting and much more.

But just because the developer is pushing the franchise into the distant future doesn’t necessarily mean it’s plunging deep into sci-fi territory. That’s according to Design Director Jacob Minkoff, who spoke to GameSpot about the ways in which Infinity Ward are staying true to the roots of Call of Duty.

That means players won’t be squaring off against alien species in Infinite Warfare; rather, Infinity Ward’s installment is gunning to tell a timeless story that can be enjoyed irrespective of time and setting.

Here, Minkoff noted that the core inspirations behind the game stem from grounded war stories, as opposed to full-blown science fiction.

“The approach that we’ve been taking with this game… the inspirations don’t come from sci-fi or space in any way,” Minkoff said. “The inspirations come from war stories. This is Call of Duty. We are talking about warfare and in this case Infinite Warfare… what we feel is that classically told narratives can take place in any setting.”

“In this case, we have the additional pressure of our setting. Space is an inhospitable environment for humans. It’s man vs. man. The truth is that war follows us everywhere,” he said. “We feel like this is going to give you the trademark Call of Duty feeling no matter what setting we’re in. And fundamentally there is never fatigue for a good story well told, no matter what the genre.”

Officially unveiled juts yesterday following numerous leaks, the premium versions of Infinite Warfare will come bundled with Modern Warfare 4 Remastered, while there was also a mention of Infinity Ward’s “unique and different” spin on the Zombies Mode formula.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will whisk players into the inky blackness of space on November 4.