Inmate Claims That Movies In Jail Are Torture

How ridiculous can people get? A Florida jail inmate has accused the Sheriff of torturing him by constantly showing the same movies. In a letter to Florida Today, James Poulin, 45, states:

“Parker gathered up a bunch of old (movies) he had laying around and played them over and over for the next year,” Poulin wrote. “I have seen ‘Black Hawk Down,’ ‘Pearl Harbor,’ ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Battle Front’ hundreds of times each, sometimes two or three times a day.”

Jail administrator Cmdr. Susan Jeter said no one is forced to watch movies.

“The jail provides a voluntary, video-programmed educational opportunity for the inmates,” she said. “This program is available in the dayroom area … They can go to their cells and read a book if they so choose.”

This is really quite astounding. Why do prisoners think they are entitled to certain privileges? Why are prisoners being entertained in the first place? Part of me does feel for the guy though, repeatedly watching Pearl Harbour is bound to severely affect you.