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‘Is he married? Asking for a friend’: Beekeeper dad’s reaction to daughter’s prom dress is priceless

This dad is iconic.

Screengrabs via TikTok

Prom dresses, beekeepers, and one handsome dad — three things that might not usually pique your interest have come together in quite a heartwarming and captivating way, all because a teenager sent a video text to her dad showing off her formal wear.

TikTok user @thesmilemix highlights videos on their account that have brought a smile to their face, so when they uploaded this one of a daughter excited to show her dad the dress she’d picked out for prom, they knew they’d be bringing a smile to our faces, too.

In what has quickly become one of our favorite recent watches, the dad recreates the video his daughter sent him — and it’s better than we could have imagined. Not only can you tell that his daughter is thrilled to have found a dress she loves, but she also looks beautiful in it, and we all know that finding the right prom dress is so important.

Her father is equally as thrilled, and you can tell that he’s as hilarious as he is supportive as he spins around in his own fabulous outfit, making the same faces right down to the peace signs, as he hopes to earn his daughter’s seal of approval.

Oh, and we guess it goes without saying that her dad is incredibly handsome, which only makes the way he responds to his daughter’s video all the better. The video’s comment section is full of responses that are as hilarious and relatable as they are downright thirsty — and with good reason.

He’s charming, he’s quite beautiful, really, and he’s fun. He’s also become the apple of many an eye on TikTok, with some asking if he needs a prom date.

Oh, and if you saw the word beekeeping/beekeeper in several comments and pondered how the word was being used, you’re not alone. This ever-charming dad isn’t a beekeeper in the way you might expect; he’s of “beekeeping age,” which simply means that he’s an older man who is successful in making us weak in the knees.

Viewers are also wondering if the dad is married, only because a friend was curious, of course.

If he’s not married, does he need a wife? There are plenty of willing volunteers.

This one has to be our favorite — “can I borrow him” — made us chuckle out loud.

The rest of the comment section has plenty of similar replies, and one thing is for sure; dads are going to dad, we love a father who isn’t scared to have fun, and we really hope she had a magical time at her prom with her stunning dress. We also hope her dad volunteered to chaperone and share some of his hilarious moves on the dance floor.

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