James Tynion IV Talks Ra’s al Ghul’s Involvement In Upcoming Detective Comics Story Arc

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In just a few short days, Detective Comics is set to kick off the “League of Shadows” arc, something that James Tynion IV and company have been building to since boarding DC’s oldest title last summer.

Without a doubt, one of the most appealing aspects of this particular story will be seeing Batman reunite with one of his deadliest enemies of whom he shares the most interesting of dynamics in Ra’s al Ghul. Furthermore, it shall be highly interesting to see how Tynion distinguishes the League of Assassins and League of Shadows from each other because, up until now, they were pretty much the same thing depending on which form of media you encountered them in.

Although we’ve known this meeting was coming for a little while now, the parameters of the Demon’s Head’s involvement remained shrouded in mystery. Technically, they still are, but CBR was able to squeeze some information out of Tynion in a recent interview, including getting him to confirm Ra’s has some kind of connection to the League of Shadows:

“We’ll definitely see them interacting. I don’t want to tip my hand just yet. The relationship between Ra’s and Batman is one of the most interesting relationships between any nemesis and hero in all of comics. Ra’s is a character that I have been fascinated by since I first started writing so bringing him into this story and exploring the ways in which he is connected to the League of Shadows and the ways in which he isn’t is a lot if fun. I can’t go into specifics just yet but he will definitely play a very major part as the story reaches its climax.”

In the meantime, be sure to get in on the ground floor when Detective Comics #951 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, February 22.