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Jamie Lee Curtis commends Matthew Perry for his honesty and opens up about her own struggle with addiction

Curtis shared compassion with Perry as she opened up about her own struggles.

Jamie Lee Curtis
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Jamie Lee Curtis and Matthew Perry have recently spoken about their addiction struggles. Please take care while reading if you are dealing with substance or alcohol problems.

Jamie Lee Curts is opening up about her battle with addiction after the vulnerable and honest interview that Matthew Perry gave with PEOPLE about his relationship with substance abuse. 

Curtis praised Perry for his openness and the raw and authentic way he explained the years of addiction, and the life-or-death situation, he is lucky to have survived. Curtis shared that she’s also blessed to be alive after struggling with an addiction to Vicodin for over two decades. Coming up on 24 years sobriety, Curtis says she received help in “recovery rooms all over the world.”

The emotional Instagram post pulled readers’ heartstrings as they uncovered more about horror’s most famous final girl. 

Curtis also talked about a drug currently on the market that is more addictive and deadly than Vicodin or other opiates out there: Fentanyl. Calling it a “ruthless killer,” she encouraged those struggling with addiction to get help and rely on those around them.
Curtis also acknowledged that many people have struggled with addiction and that no one currently going through their own battle is alone.

This isn’t the first time Curtis has spoken out about addiction; in a recent chat with Buzzfeed, she likened fighting substance abuse to battling Michael Myers. 

Well, I’m sober for 23, coming up 24 years. You know, addiction is a motherfucker, and it has killed and continues to kill, regardless of gender, race, socioeconomic privilege, or lack thereof. Addiction knows no boundaries and kills indiscriminately. And addiction wants you dead, period. That is its goal.

It’s easy to imagine that someone as famous and beloved as Curtis or Perry would have it easy, but life in the spotlight brings a set of struggles that can only be understood if you’ve lived it. We’re grateful that Perry and Curtis were able to walk away from their battles and can be a beacon of light for others who are struggling.

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