Jason Voorhees might be stuck in legal limbo, but that hasn’t stopped fans from celebrating his big day

As the central focus of the legendary Friday the 13th franchise, Jason Voorhees stands as one of the most influential villains in the history of the horror genre — so influential, in fact, that the notable villain is often talked about whenever the date of Friday the 13th graces our calendars. The iconic film franchise tells the tale of Jason Voorhees who, after camp counselors let him drown in a lake as a child, enacts revenge on those who return to Camp Crystal Lake and disturb his territory.

As many horror fans already know, a heated lawsuit between Sean S. Cunningham and Victor Miller has kept the franchise at a standstill, preventing the release of any new content in the process. Nevertheless, diehard fans of the slasher franchise are celebrating the beloved horror monster. And who knows, perhaps one day, another Jason movie will reach the big screen.

Over on Twitter, folks are expressing their ever-present adoration for Jason — and one user even encouraged milk and cookies to be left out à la Santa Claus.

Another user jokingly hinted that it officially became Jason’s day when the clock struck midnight.

We can only imagine how much this painting would sell for…

Who knew Jason could look so glowing?

At the time of writing, the franchise’s next move currently remains up in the air. While Victor Miller was declared the definitive owner of the script’s rights, it’s unclear if a potential Friday the 13th film is on the horizon. For now, fans will happily continue to celebrate one of the most frightening figures in horror.