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Jaws still being picked up from the floor after today’s showstopping ‘Rings of Power’

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The Rings of Power was off to a rocky start after the Tolkien fandom lambasted Amazon’s attempt at adapting their favorite work of fantasy literature. Now, five weeks later and six episodes in, it seems that the majority of viewers can’t help but stand in awe of what J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay have been able to accomplish.

Today’s sixth episode was basically a one-hour fight sequence between Adar’s orcs and the humans of the Southlands, reinforced by Galadriel and the company of Numenoreans accompanying her. After the fighting was done, Waldreg slipped out of the chaotic mess with the mysterious shadow-hamed sword and broke the Ostirith dam, causing the Orodruin volcano to erupt and cover the land in fire and smoke.

This not only gives birth to Mount Doom but the very land of Mordor itself. Needless to say, the twist has left many a jaw on the floor, with some even going so far as to suggest that “Udûn” was among the best hours of television they have ever experienced.

Thinking about all the death and gloom in episode 6, we can’t help but notice the contrast between the show’s previous outings.

“Udûn” is definitely the best Rings of Power episode to date. To say the least, the penultimate and final episodes will be hard-pressed to top it.

To think we had all that buildup for the Orc tunnel, only to realize that it was a plan to activate Orodruin.

The Rings of Power has definitely found its footing now, bringing to mind Tolkien’s own famous words that “not all those who wander are lost.” Let’s hope that remains the case through the rest of this epic journey.

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