Jenaux Delivers Dreamy Remix Of Rudimental’s “Common Emotion”


It’s been a couple of months since Jenaux blessed us with one of his genre-bending big room funk remixes. Inspiration finally appears to have struck the NYC-based DJ/producer, though – and it took the form of UK drum and bass outfit Rudimental’s 2015 track, “Common Emotion.”

The funky guitar riff and soulful vocals of the original certainly lend themselves to Jenaux’s signature style, which he spent the better part of 2015 developing. In the case of his “Common Emotion” remix, aside from changes to the overall arrangement, his biggest contributions take the form of updated percussive elements and a more festival-friendly buildup-drop scheme.

Of course, now that festival season is finally upon us, we’re really looking forward to more originals from Jenaux. In the meantime, though, listen to his remix of Rudimental’s “Common Emotion” in the SoundCloud player above and let us know what you think by making a trip down to the comments section.