Jennifer Coolidge clears the air about her sex life following ‘American Pie’

Still image of HBO's 'The White Lotus'
Photo via HBO

For people of a certain age, Jennifer Coolidge is an especially memorable sex symbol. Back in 1999, Coolidge played Stifler’s mom in the teen gross-out classic American Pie. Nowadays, of course, Coolidge is an Emmy Award-winning actress, and she recently cleared the air about all the sex she had after that movie came out.

In a recent interview with none other than Ariana Grande in EW for the magazine’s “2022 Entertainers of the Year” issue, she opened up about how playing Stifler’s mom affected her sex life at the time – and attempted to separate legend from reality.

Grande asked Coolidge about the impact the movie made on her sex life. “In particular, how much dick it’s gotten you. Do you remember the best dick you got from playing Stifler’s mom? Do you keep in touch?”

Coolidge said “Well, it was definitely the youngest fellow. He was just very, very charming, and it was very weird because…” and before she could finish the statement Grande told her she didn’t want to impose and that Coolidge didn’t have to share the details.

“No, I’m glad you asked this because you see, I did say that jokingly [in a previous interview] and, God, you really can’t make jokes in our town, because I did make the terrible mistake of saying, ‘Thank God for that movie, I got to sleep with 200 men,’ or whatever. And look, I would love to say that was true, but I mean, that was sort of an exaggeration — so I’m glad you’re asking me.”

Grande took the opportunity to let Coolidge “clear the air.” Coolidge responded by saying after the movie came out she suddenly had access to “much broader group of handsome men — and younger men.” She told a story about one “particularly young” albeit “very legal” man who she spent the night with.

In the morning, she needed a blow dry and the young man called his mother to ask where she could go to make that happen.

“It was so weird that happened on the phone, it was very clear that we were in the bed together,” Coolidge shared. It all ended amicably, however, because the mom gave Coolidge a good recommendation for a spot at the local mall.

The first two seasons of The White Lotus are currently streaming on HBO Max. There’s no premiere date just yet for season 3.