Josh Brolin Reportedly Returning To MCU To Play 2 Characters

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Credit: Marvel Studios

2018 was the year that Josh Brolin finally mastered the art of starring in a great comic book movie, playing major roles in two acclaimed efforts that did massive business at the box office. Released just three weeks apart, the actor won strong notices for Deadpool 2‘s time traveling Cable and Avengers: Infinity War‘s intergalactic genocidal maniac Thanos, even though the characters couldn’t have been more different.

Of course, The Goonies star’s previous flirtations with the genre hadn’t been particularly successful, with his first stab resulting in the awful Jonah Hex. Admittedly, he was probably the best thing about Men in Black 3 by far after stealing the show with his pitch perfect impression of Tommy Lee Jones, and the movie itself was a big hit, but it was about as formulaic and serviceable as a summer blockbuster could get, while Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was vastly inferior to the first installment from both a critical and commercial perspective.

In short, Marvel and Josh Brolin tend to make good bedfellows, and the latest report is claiming that he’s set to return to the world’s biggest franchise to play two roles: Cable and Thanos. Of course, most fans were already expecting him to be back for the Merc with a Mouth’s MCU debut, while the Mad Titan has been the source of constant talk surrounding another appearance as well, especially when the studio confirmed his ties to the Eternals.

Still, this all remains firmly in the realm of rumor for now, even if it’s far from the first time we’ve heard something similar. It might be a while before we get confirmation on Brolin’s involvement, too, but given the established working relationship between the two parties, it wouldn’t be a surprise to discover that the 52 year-old has indeed signed on for more superhero adventures in the near future as both Cable and Thanos.

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