Justin Bieber And Diplo Join Skrillex At Ultra Music Festival


Ultra Music Festival is officially over, and throughout the course of the weekend, there were a number of huge surprises. From epic new premieres to exciting collaborations, there was certainly no shortage of newsworthy items coming out of the fest.

Though it perhaps wasn’t the most surprising thing to happen at Ultra, Skrillex sent the crowd into a frenzy when he brought out Justin Bieber during his closing set to help him and Diplo perform their new Jack U song, “Where Are U Now.”

Many are already calling Sonny’s set one of the best of the festival, and having been in attendance for it earlier tonight, we might have to agree. While Justin was quite obviously lip-syncing, the performance, and the set as a whole was high-energy and full of special guests, making it one of the more memorable moments of what was an incredible weekend.

Take a look at Jack U and Justin performing their new track in the video above and let us know if you were lucky enough to catch it live.