Karl Urban Reveals “Conversations Are Happening” Regarding Dredd TV Series


Of all the very many movies that have been spun out into TV series – think 12 Monkeys, 24: Legacy and, er, Minority Report – over the past two years or so, one project that appears ripe for the seralized treatment is Dredd.

Granted, Pete Travis’ high-octane reboot was considered a financial dud when it launched into theaters four years ago, but thanks to an impassioned fanbase and strong home video sales, there remains a flicker of hope that the Karl Urban-led action series could carve out a future of its own. Indeed, just last week the actor himself stoked the embers of excitement by pledging his support, revealing that he’d be willing to don the iconic suit and helmet as Mega-City One’s judge, jury and executioner.

There’s a new wrinkle to the tale, though, now that Urban has teased that “conversations are happening” regarding the possibility of either Amazon or Netflix picking up the rights to a Dredd TV series.

Per Twitter:

While it’s easy to get excited about Karl Urban headlining said project, bear in mind that this in no way represents a confirmation from either Amazon or Netflix.

Nevertheless, it seems a lowly box office return has nudged Dredd in the direction of online streaming, particularly after screenwriter Alex Garland conceded that a movie sequel was ostensibly out of the question. In rallying around the IP, a petition that currently boasts more than 145,000 signatures has called upon the likes of Amazon, Netflix and HBO to ink a deal with Karl Urban and push forward with the purported TV series. Conversations are happening, but how will they pan out? Stay tuned for more as this story develops.