Kaskade Announces Details For His REDUX Miami Show

Kaskade Live At Staples Center

Well, Miami Music Week just got a whole lot more exciting (as if that was even possible).

Kaskade has announced that he’ll be holding a REDUX show at Grand Central on March 28th, with tickets set to go on sale this Weds at 3pm EST.

For those unfamiliar with the REDUX concept, it’s a very different kind of Kaskade show, which the DJ describes as the following:

Redux has become an adjective to describe a sound. The sound is deep and melodic. It is no-hype; it is all tension and release. A Redux set would flop on a festival stage. It’s not going to satiate that specific kind of thirst. If you’re going to Redux, you’d best know what you’re in for. It’s a rare glimpse into the truth of the past. My past. And thus far, only a handful of people can say they’ve experienced it.

Redux started out as being an intention — a big idea about a small room. A few sweaty nights were all I had planned. Loud sound systems in a few key cities, accompanied by low lights, floors packed a few hundred deep, with house heads all bouncing to a groove with me. The idea was to strip things back down and nod to the way it was. Closed eyes meant you were doing it right. The only sensory assault was sound, with restraint everywhere else. Music would be the experience.”

Basically, REDUX is Kaskade like you’ve never seen him before, and if you count yourself a fan, then the Miami show is something that you’re going to definitely want to check out if you’re planning on being down there that week.