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Kevin Costner gets emotional in upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ documentary

Costner is making us feel all the emotions.

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Kevin Coster is getting emotional as he looks out at the beauty of Yellowstone, but he’s not dressed up as John Dutton for this adventure. No, Costner is taking on Yellowstone National Park as himself as he takes viewers through a four-part docuseries called Yellowstone: One-Fifty

The Fox Nation documentary will drop all four episodes on Sunday, Nov. 20, to subscribers of the streaming platform. The series will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Yellowstone becoming a national park, and honor those who explored it.

Costner proves that the experience is emotional, one that has him reflecting upon his life. While the 67-year-old Academy Award Winner is showing no signs of slowing down, the fact that a day will come when the sun sets on his time here weighs on Costner. 

Yahoo! shares a quote from the man, the myth, the legend — and his statement on his emotional journey will shake you as you read it.

“Sometimes I think about the things I’m going to miss most in my life when I finally have to walk away, and sometimes it’s not just my family that I’ll think of, but it will be the books I never read. It will be the music I never hear. And sometimes the stories that I wish I would had known.”

Anyone who has experienced the beauty and magnitude of a national park or felt awestruck at the beauty in something monumentally bigger than who you are can attest that it brings out emotions in you. Seeing an eagle take flight, looking out at the vastness of a mountain range, standing surrounded by trees that make you feel small; it’s a joy of life we can often rush by if we’re not careful.

“I want to see what they saw, I want to see what changed them.”

Costner is making it a point not to rush through his experience in Yellowstone, and you can venture through the expansive beauty of the national park with him on Nov. 20, as he celebrates Yellowstone: One-Fifty.

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