Ladydrivah 2.0 Tiktok Death—What Happened?

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Behind a desktop or mobile screen, there’s always going to be a degree of disconnect between the social media stars you watch on a daily basis and “real life.” While some content creators will feel it unnecessary to hide anything from their fans and followers (often to a fault), others keep both lives distinctly separate.

Where TikTok user ladydrivah2.0 fell on that spectrum, we’ll probably never know, but it would seem as though the entertainer—an actual trucker—may well have been opting to hide something from her honorary TikTok convoy members.

While no cause of death has been ascertained, ladydrivah’s (real name Rachelle) another user, who goes by the name of p-ssed_off_truckah on the platform, announced in a heartfelt video that his friend had recently passed away. Understandably, wanting to keep such things private, they give no indication of what caused Rachelle’s death and whether it was an accident or due to illness.

In light of the news, several videos mourning ladydrivah’s (who was based in Florida) passing, many of which appear to be truckers themselves.

According to TheFocus, a seemingly now-deleted post on TikTok from an unknown user claims to have contacted Rachelle’s family, who revealed to them that Rachelle was found in her truck in Jacksonville on Nov. 10. Again, no cause of death was given for the 38-year-old, and it goes without saying, given the tenuous nature of this unverified account, that the truth may be completely different from what’s claimed above.

You can check back here for any updates as and when they surface but in the meantime, drop us a comment below and let us know if you were an avid fan of ladydrivah.