Lane 8’s “Fingerprint” Is A Hypnotizing Deep House Cut


American-born DJ/producer Lane 8 has released a track that’s got “sunrise set” written all over it. Currently based in Germany, he puts out the transcendental sort of deep house that keeps dance floors ablaze until the wee hours, and what he’s delivered in the form of “Fingerprint” is certainly no exception.

Anchored in four-four with a decidedly German deep house sensibility, “Fingerprint” features a dissonant melodic sequence in its high end engineered to capture the listener’s attention. Soon afterwards the bass line takes center stage, effectively counterbalancing the first part of the track by instilling a mesmerizing groove.

Seeing as how his Suara debut saw a decidedly darker iteration of his usual style, we had suspected that Lane 8 might be leaning more towards techno with his 2016 releases – but “Fingerprint” sees him return to the style his fans know and love. With any luck, a follow-up album to last year’s Rise isn’t all that far on the horizon.