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Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: cue the years and celebrate Rip Wheeler’s (first) birthday as a rumbling geyser of a Yellowstone announcement is about to blow

Happy Birthday, handsome — er, Rip Wheeler!

Yellowstone Beth and Rip
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It’s time to grab your best pair of blue jeans and the cleanest cowboy boots you’ve got. Go ahead and trade your cowboy hat for a party hat because one of the most important Yellowstone birthdays is today. Everyone’s favorite cowboy, ranch hand, and — if we may be so honest — hunk, Rip Wheeler, found a reason to celebrate on September 28. In addition to our beloved cowboy’s birthday, the official Yellowstone Instagram account is teasing that something big is coming. With an exciting and emotional birthday celebration in the works today and the anticipation of whatever our favorite series throws at us, we’re going to make a Dutton-worthy drink and put on some good country music to honor the happenings of today.

So let’s take a seat, grab a slice of birthday cake, and enjoy a look at the best Yellowstone birthday celebration around. 

Happy Birthday Rip Wheeler

Rip Wheeler, played by the ever-charming Cole Hauser, never had much reason to celebrate any big days, let alone the day he was born. Coming from a troubled past, there’s not a lot of space that Rip allows himself to take up. He’s said, more than once, that there’s not even a record of him existing on this earth. Beth isn’t taking that lying down. Okay, so maybe during this conversation, she is, but only because they’re snuggled up together. 

She quickly decides that Rip’s life is something to celebrate, and despite having no “proof” that he belongs here, she knows he belongs with her. Beth decides that September 28 is a good day to honor the love of her life, and we think so too. 

Rip came into Beth’s life like a dust devil, shaking things up and wrecking the life she once knew. It wasn’t violent, just a strong force suddenly in her path — an existence that changed everything. From the moment they met, their story was being written, one neither of them could have imagined leading them to a married happily ever after.

They were two kids with a chip on each of their shoulders, holding on to every reason in the world to be angry. Yet, there was something beautiful about the way they held on to remnants of hope and just a little bit of magic, and that magic was what they found in one another. 

Rip became John Dutton’s right-hand man and a powerhouse on the ranch; starting from humble beginnings, he’s soon to be living in the main house. He is the person John trusts most in the world and the person who can calm any storm brewing within Beth. 

To be honest, we don’t know if the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch could run at all without him. He’s strength and pride, confidence and power, and a soft place to land all at once. Rip is the series’ heart, soul, and the Dutton family’s glue. So we agree with Beth; September 28 is the day to celebrate him. Heck, we honor Rip every day!

Yellowstone teases exciting news — coming soon

The Yellowstone account is teasing something big on the horizon, and we’re wondering if they’re using Rip’s birthday to release something special. Are they going to wait a few days to see if fan interest is piqued first? We’ve yet to see their game plan, but we know that they deliver when Yellowstone makes a promise.

No strangers to the word big, the series knows how to shock an audience, surprise a fan base, and upset viewers everywhere while somehow mending their broken hearts with a sweet interaction or the promise of a brighter future. Taylor Sheridan understands how to drive a story, create exciting characters, and breathe life into a narrative that surpasses expectations without ever being “too much.” Yes, you’ll see violence if you watch the series; arguments, explosions, and some unfair fighting, but it’s never out of place. It always leads into the more powerful story he’s telling— the intense and ever-fascinating tale of the Duttons. 

So, what big thing could be coming next for Yellowstone fans? We’ll keep our eyes peeled and bring it to you as soon as we know. 

Don’t forget that you can get all caught up on Yellowstone as the first four seasons stream now on Peacock, and you can watch 1883 to get more familiar with the life of the Duttons from decades ago. Their story is complex and beautiful in the present, but it’s even more multifaceted as we look back on its origins. Here’s to the Dutton family, their fight for survival, and the epic way a series has turned us all into dreamers of days spent at the ranch. We’re all carrying a little bit of Yellowstone with us in our own way. 

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