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Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: no news is good news, so let’s dive into season five fan theories

It’s a slow news day, but there’s still a lot to discuss.

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All is quiet in the Yellowstone front today, epitomizing the beauty of a rare lazy day on the ranch. There are no frills or extravagant events taking place, no breaking news or shocking revelations, just a campfire and beer vibes over here. That doesn’t mean that fans aren’t still anxiously awaiting news on the exhilarating fifth season — or that the social media sphere is quiet. On the contrary, fans of Yellowstone are still talking about the series that won us over in 2018 and has yet to let us down.

While there’s not a lot of news to talk about today, Cole Hauser did share a special shout-out on his Instagram profile while fans are still looking forward to the fifth season. So we’re taking you on a ride through the first teaser trailer and fan theories for the future of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Cole Hauser shouts out a special organization

Cole Hauser shared an image of himself and his wife, Cynthia, at an event for the Special Operations Warrior Fund. The Special Operations Warrior Fund’s mission statement reads as follows: 

“To empower the families of fallen, wounded, ill, and injured Special Operations Personnel, and the children of all Medal of Honor Recipients.”

Hauser and his wife attended an event for the organization, which is near and dear to their hearts. The event was an opportunity to honor and help others who have dedicated themselves to fighting for the freedom and livelihood of others, some while making the ultimate sacrifice. 

If you wish to find out more about the fund, you can visit their website and find ways to donate or give your own time to help others. The heart and soul of a cowboy are fueled by the need to fight and protect, so it’s no surprise that it’s a cause close to Hauser’s heart. 

Let’s examine that season five teaser

The tagline for the fifth season of Yellowstone is the eerie promise that “All will be revealed.” While it’s certainly a lot packed all into one, there are several ways the phrase can be interpreted. Every single member of the Dutton family is keeping a secret, as are several of their ranch hands. Some loyalties will be tested, secrets will be uncovered, and friends will become enemies when truths are revealed.

Beth, Jamie, and Kayce are first shown in the trailer, and they look scared out of their wits — like they’re receiving terrible news or facing a dark and tortured future. Neither is out of the realm of possibility because they are, in fact, the Duttons. They’ve got a lot hanging over their heads and people willing to light their lives on fire at the very moment they blink. They can’t let their guard down, not even for a second.

At the wrap of season four, fans felt a bit of relief that we didn’t lose a power player — at least not one that mattered. In dissecting that idea, we have to acknowledge that Jamie’s big move will impact the future. We didn’t shed a single tear for Garrett Randall’s loss, but we know that it will have implications.

So maybe we did lose someone that mattered, but not someone that mattered to us. Fans wonder what that will look like as season five approaches.

We also know that Beth was ready to burn down the entire town to protect her family, and her shotgun wedding (while it was the most romantic and perfect wedding for Beth and Rip) happened that way for a reason. We’ve been told that viewers will be shocked when we see the first episode of season five, and we’re sure hoping that everything for Beth is on the up and up. Hopefully, she’s still not on a self-sacrificial journey to keep the Dutton name and land safe.

Rip Wheeler is shown during the 15-second clip, preparing a gun for whatever comes next. The newly married man still doesn’t get a day off, and we know that the fight heading their way will see our favorite ranch hand on the front lines. His scene is less about a primal fear and more about the innate drive for protection, the thing he does best.

We then see a clip of John, Beth, and Lynelle Perry in a power strut, heading to Lord knows where. At the end of season four, it was clear that John would be adding yet another title to his long list of existing ones, and it just might be Governor. What does Yellowstone look like if John is the new Governor? Does that mean the sharks get more vicious or that they’ll find a new feeding ground?

Keeping in mind that we’re told that surprise is the emotion we’ll feel while watching the premiere of season five — we also wonder what could already be shaking the should-be steady ground for him to build his new career atop.

What should fans expect from the return to Yellowstone

When watching the teaser trailer and listening to what Taylor Sheridan, showrunner, has eluded to with the new season, fans know that comfortable isn’t a word we should embrace. 

Sheridan says that we should look at the characters as chess pieces, acknowledging that to continue playing the game, pieces must be removed. There are few options left for people we’d genuinely like to see taken out, but we’re sure new enemies will quickly pop up. In an ideal world, the only losses we’d face are the bad guys, but we know not to get too comfortable with that idea. 

The Duttons will undeniably face losses in season five, and as naive as it may be, we’re hoping they’re not the kind that’ll leave us scarred. In addition to chess pieces and power players, fans should also expect romance in the next season, along with new additions to the Dutton clan, and the growth of the relationship between John and Chief Rainwater. They are both trying to keep the land as it is in the fight against Market Equities. There will be unlikely friendships, joining forces, and a struggle for power that we’ve come to expect.

There will also be the beautiful Montana scenery we’re used to, the silly antics of our favorite ranch hands, and hopefully more sweet Rip and Beth moments to be inspired by. Here’s to enough joy to counteract the sadness. 

You can catch up on the first four seasons of Yellowstone streaming on Peacock, and don’t forget the two-hour television event kicking off season five on Nov. 13. 

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