Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Twitter releases a special branded emoji ahead of season 5 as fans can watch the red carpet premiere on YouTube

Members of the Yellowstone cast flank Kevin Costner, who wields a shovel
Image via Paramount

Today is the day, Yellowstone fans, the wait is finally over, and the season five premiere is happening in just a few hours. If you’re channeling your inner Dutton today, cowboying up, and dusting off your best wranglers: we totally understand. There’s nothing like living that Yellowstone life in any way you can. Everyone from camp Dutton is excited today, and the show stars are sharing their joy with posts on social media.

Fans are also getting an incredible opportunity to see the red-carpet premiere of Taylor Sheridan’s number-one series firsthand via a live link on YouTube. We’re letting you know how we share how Twitter is getting in on the Yellowstone action with new hashtags that highlight the brand. You know the drill from here: grab your favorite Dutton fan gear and your Yellowstone-loving bestie, and let’s ride in. 

Twitter gives fans new hashtags and an emoji 

If you’re a big Yellowstone fan, you’ve probably liked a few Tweets from the official account today. In doing so, if you were paying close attention, the heart to like a Tweet turns into a firey branded Y. 

It’s a way to bring together fans worldwide as we eagerly anticipate the new episodes that are kicking off tonight. The brand is universally known as the thing that keeps us all together, linking us to the series, characters, and the ranch we love so much. 

In addition to the Y, when you like a Tweet, you can type the following hashtags and end up with a really awesome Yellowstone emoji next to the phrase you’re saying. 






Of course, we’re all Team Rip here, so we will be using that one a lot.

You can watch the red carpet premiere on YouTube

The red carpet premiere of Yellowstone took place last week in New York. Some of the best and brightest from the series were in attendance and walked the carpet to answer questions about the upcoming season.

They also celebrated their hard work as hype for the show’s fifth season swept fans worldwide, turning them into honorary Duttons themselves. We all want to be the Beths, Johns, Rips, and Kayces of the world, channeling our inner Colbys, Monicas, and Teeters too. 

Paramount and Yellowstone teamed up to bring that red carpet premiere to fans, which will be honested by a Yellowstone-universe alumn. 1883‘s Eric Nelsen will stand alongside Joshua Horowitz as they invite the cast for a chat and celebration.

You can stream the event from the official Yellowstone YouTube account, and with the star power showing up for the event, you won’t want to miss it.

Lainey Wilson is hosting a live watch party

After watching the red carpet premiere on YouTube, you can settle in with your favorite drink and Yellowstone blanket because the series kicks off at 8 pm, and Lainey Wilson is hosting a live watch party!

Wilson is joining the cast this season as a character named Abby, and she’s got the blessing of playing someone who is a lot like herself. She’s a musician, a strong woman, a lover, and a bit of a fighter too; she’ll be singing her own songs and bringing her talent and voice to the series in a powerful way.

Wilson has recently shared excitement about joining the series in interviews, and we can’t wait to see her big debut. She’ll be hosting the event on TikTok, and she wants to interact with fans, so make sure you catch her stream and tune in to ask questions and find out all of the things you’ve been dreaming of asking. 

It’s finally time, fans; we’ve been waiting for almost a year to see what’s next for the family we’ve grown to love. In all of the turmoil, devastation, joy, and happiness that the characters endure, audiences sit by weekly and root for them, cheer for them, and shout messages of disdain and loathing at them, too. 

The fifth season promises to bring more of a power struggle than ever before as John Dutton swears in as Governor of Montana, and the target on each of their backs is growing exponentially. Here’s hoping our favorite characters survive and the ones we hate will make it to the train station quickly. 

Yellowstone‘s fifth season premieres with a two-hour television event at 8pm on Paramount.