‘Lightyear’ viral tweet neatly breaks down the ridiculous premise


The entire world is looking forward to the continuation of the legendary Toy Story saga with upcoming spinoff Lightyear, which will provide an origin story of sorts for the beloved titular fictional character. In the animated feature, while attempting his first mission for Star Command, Buzz accidentally travels decades into the future, where he must find a way to save the universe and return home.

Ahead of its official theatrical arrival, Twitter user @misterpatches encapsulated the movie’s somewhat ridiculous synopsis with a single tweet that has captured loads of attention. “The toy based on the origin story of the human Buzz Lightyear that the toy from Toy Story is based on” is enough to make your head spin — and it comes attached with an image of the action figure based on the movie based on the action figure from another movie to hammer it home.

As Toy Story fans can famously recall, when Woody and the gang initially encounter Buzz Lightyear,  he does not believe that he’s a toy — instead remaining adamant that he’s the real, human Space Ranger who needs to return back to Star Command. Unbeknownst to Buzz, his real-life antics resulted in the toy that is introduced in Toy Story and based on him.

Now, with Chris Evans voicing the enchanting intergalactic adventurer, Lightyear aims to reveal more information into Buzz’s life and world before the events in Toy Story, promising to provide a more human, in-depth perspective on the legendary hero that inspired an array of action figures.

Don’t miss the action when Lightyear arrives in theaters on June 17.

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