Listen To The First Single From Adventure Club’s Debut Album


Adventure Club has been largely quiet since the announcement of their debut album Red // Blue, and fans have waited patiently to get their first taste of the upcoming work. Well, the wait is now over, as the Canadian duo have teamed up with vocalist ELEA to release the album’s first single in the form of “Dreams.”

“Dreams” opens with a somber chord progression played out on a harp like sound coupled with half time percussion, while ELEA’s ethereal vocals fill the speakers. Adventure Club breaks the track down with a series of emotive piano notes before leading into the drops, which feature stuttered synth chords and pitch shifted vocal chops that give the new single a magic feel. The restrained production and melodic tendencies present in “Dreams” make for a memorable release, and the vocals serve as a highlight throughout the song.

On “Dreams,” Adventure Club deliver a mid-tempo single that puts emphasis on creating an emotional journey for the listener, though it’s not likely to cause much of a storm on the dance floors. Regardless, we’re excited to finally hear the first taste of their upcoming album and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more updates regarding Red // Blue as they develop.