Listen To Ookay’s Unreleased Jack U Remix


San Diego based producer Ookay took to social media earlier this week to share a video taken from a live performance with the caption, “Just testing out some new music.” The minute long clip features an unreleased remix of Jack Ü’s “Mind,” which is from their debut album released in early 2015.

Ookay’s remix of “Mind” picks up the pace from the original version, while still prominently featuring the familiar vocal hooks. The album version was a mid-tempo track with mellowed out vibes, but the new remix packs a punch with increased energy and club friendly rhythms. Ookay injects whining sax sounds and clanking drums into his drops, delivering a flip with the live crowds in mind.

So far, we’re left with just a short glimpse of Ookay‘s remix, but the preview has us excited to hear the full version. No word yet on when or if it will receive an official release, but we’ll keep you posted with more updates as they become available.