‘Loki’ Easter Egg spotted in new ‘Doctor Strange 2’ promo

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Marvel’s latest promo for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has been released, and among the new footage, eager fans have spotted what seems to be an Easter Egg harking back to Loki.

America Chavez’s multiverse traveling powers are on full display in the new video, and while using them, we see a flash of what appears to be the multi-faced Living Tribunal character — one of the most powerful Marvel Comics entities.

As pointed out by The Direct, the Living Tribunal has shown up once before in the MCU, and that was during the Asgardian trickster’s solo series. There is a difference though. Whereas the Living Tribunal’s faces showed up as a stone statue in Loki, it appear to be alive this time around.

Having The Living Tribunal show up in these two productions might be new information for fans, but it isn’t such a surprise, given the character’s role has typically been to safeguard the multiverse. The being exists in all universes at one time, to ensure that none grows more powerful than another.

As we descend further into the multiverse, it makes sense for characters like the Living Tribunal to show up, and it could be the beginning of a longer-term arc that unfolds throughout the rest of Phase Four.

For now, it doesn’t appear that the Living Tribunal will play a huge role in the Doctor Strange sequel — especially given how many cameos are already rumored to bulk out the ensemble.

Fans will get a better idea of how the Living Tribunal may or may not fit into Sam Raimi’s second installment, and the MCU at large, when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness launches on May 6.

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