Lost Kings Deliver A Sparkling Remix Of Rihanna’s “Work”


Lost Kings are definitely coming up in the world. The progressive house duo have succeeded in establishing a unique and instantly recognizable sound for themselves – so much so that they’ve even caught the attention of pop sensation Rihanna’s team, who enlisted them to put together a remix of her and Drake’s recent radio hit, “Work.”

The vocals of the original are effectively counterbalanced by Lost Kings’ signature synth plucks, and hollow percussive elements set a somewhat ambient tone in the beginning of the track. By the time Drake’s verses kick in, however, the arrangement has lathered up to a livelier pace.

“Honestly, our minds were blown when we were asked to remix ‘Work,'” reads a blurb on the duo’s SoundCloud. “We are huge fans of RiRi and Drake so we were fucking stoked to remix a track with them both on it.”

Lost Kings are also still likely to release at least one more track as part of their The Good EP, so if you’re a fan of what they’ve been putting out, then make sure to stay tuned for more now that festival season is upon us.