‘Lost’ showrunner Damon Lindelof wants Marvel Studios to make fewer movies

Damon Lindelof
Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Marvel Studios has announced many upcoming projects for Phases Five and Six, to the point where they have a release date timeline extending to the year 2025. Fans noticed this after they graphed the duration of every Marvel content per year. The MCU is now becoming a powerhouse with an ever-expanding world but there is also the question of accessibility, especially for those new to the franchise. And that seems to be the case for Lost and Watchmen showrunner, Damon Lindelof, who wants Marvel to release fewer movies.

In an interview with Vulture’s Into It podcast, Lindelof spoke about how Hollywood is more interested in creating reboots and sequels of old franchises and turning them into some sort of ‘multiverse’. He comments on how Marvel has made it a business to create this sort of content. And despite him watching all of them, he wished there were fewer releases, as the sheer volume of content means that each release no longer feels “special”.

“From a slightly sort of more cynical standpoint, this is a business. It’s an industry. And if you make a couple of great Marvel movies, the instinct is, “We need to make more Marvel movies, and we need to expand this”. And I have this sort of interior feeling of like, “Wow, I wish they made less because it would make each one that came out a little bit more special”. But I watch all of them, Sam, all of them.”

He also pointed out how Hollywood is pressuring the industry to create this sort of content and how people regularly ask him if he’d consider bringing back Watchmen or Lost. He says that it has become harder to say no to these production and film companies who are interested in rebooting something he created or worked on that was successful back when it first aired.

“It’s always going to be hard because once you’ve got someone’s attention, you want to keep it. And so the idea of letting it go and not knowing if you’re ever going to get it back again is sort of like it’s antithetical to the way that we’re wired…

People don’t want things to end. I do”.

Lindelof has worked on multiple sci-fi projects for film and television throughout his career. Some of the works he’s most notable for creating were Lost in 2004, The Leftovers in 2014 and Watchmen in 2019. He has also worked on other shows such as Star Trek, World War Z, and Prometheus. The well-known showrunner is currently an executive producer for an upcoming show titled Mrs. Davis, starring Sondra Currie, which will air on Peacock at a later date.