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‘Love Island’ villa gets heated as Whitney Adebayo calls out ‘disrespectful’ co-star

The next season of "Love Island" might need to add a new Graftie Award category for Most Disrespectful.

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There may only be a few episodes left of Love Island but the drama is still flowing in the villa as Whitney Adebayo gets into it with Tyrique “Ty” Hyde after the Graftie Awards. On the morning of July 26, the show released its preview of the night’s episode on Twitter, accurately captioned, “The Grafties fallout hits hard!”

The preview showed Adebayo and Hyde clash over the conversation that took place around the Graftie Award for “Most Snakey Sitch,” which aired the night before. As viewers might recall, Hyde accused Adebayo’s partner Lochan Nowacki of “pillow-talking” too much with Adebayo. Nowacki called his points “irrelevant” and during the ensuing argument, Adebayo piped in and Hyde told her to “shush.”

The preview for the July 26 episode showed Adebayo speaking with Hyde’s partner Ella Thomas after the Grafties and suggesting that the issue is not only between Hyde and Nowacki. “The moment a man starts to disrespect me,” she began, as Hyde approached and asked if he could speak with her. “No. What do you all think this is — the Ty show?” Adebayo responded. “I literally can’t stand disrespectful men,” she added.

Adebayo and Hyde have gotten along well throughout the season, most recently teaming up for the talent show during the episode on July 24. The two castmates chose to perform a song they created called “Bad B***h,” and it got rave reviews from fans on social media. However, fans were less than impressed with the preview of the July 26 episode, as many criticized Hyde for his comments toward Adebayo and were unhappy that Thomas didn’t take her best friend’s side.

“Ella not seeing that TY did anything wrong is her biggest red flag… the toxicity in this couple baffles me,” someone commented on Love Island‘s tweet previewing the episode. Another wrote, “Ahhhh Whitney giving Ty the energy he deserves.” “Don’t know why Ella is saying it’s between Ty and Lochan when he literally told her to s**t up. She turns a blind eye on Tyrique and it’s so sad. How [your] man treats others is an indication on how they’ll treat [you],” someone commented on Reddit.

Viewers will have to wait and see if the two Islanders are able to move past their Grafties-induced drama. This season of Love Island was the first to feature the Grafties, which allowed the cast members to watch clips related to several categories like Mad Moves and Flirtiest Performance. Prior to that, the only videos of their time in the villa that the cast had seen were those shown during the annual Movie Night.

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