Lush & Simon Release Gazzo Collaboration “Wasted Love” Alongside His Debut Single


Lush & Simon have released a new track – but the real story is their collaborator. Gazzo is a prolific EDM DJ/producer who fell off the map to some degree, and today is the day that he makes his triumphant return.

The New Jersey native made a name for himself between 2011-2014 as a mainstream EDM artist. Interestingly, however, all of his previous online presence has been taken offline to make way for a curious and unconventional artist project that utilizes his skills as a multi-instrumental session musician.

His first solo release, “What You Waiting For,” is slated to come out later in the day – but beforehand, Lush & Simon have uploaded their collaboration with the artist to SoundCloud. Being that the Armada-signed Italian duo put out the sort of progressive house that becomes the soundtrack to festival recap videos, the R&B stylings of vocalist Robbie Rosen certainly make for an unexpected departure for the duo.

As far as Gazzo is concerned, though, there’s no stylistic stone he intends to leave unturned. Until his debut solo release later in the day, listen to his Lush & Simon collaboration, “Wasted Love,” and tell us what you think in the comments section.