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Lyssa Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter, marries in Hawaii

Chapman married Leiana Evensen in Hawaii earlier this month,

via Lyssa Chapman Instagram

Lyssa Chapman is a married woman, and she’s still reliving the beautiful experience more than a week after her Hawaii wedding to wife Leiana Evensen.

Daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Champan joined hands with Evensen in the beautiful ocean, where she details a series of blessings the couple experienced on their big day. She shares that the day was epic: “the water was a glassy mirror. We had a sprinkle of rain, (blessing) and as we came upon our spot, we were blessed again by a school of baby sharks (do do do do do do).”

Seven family members joined Chapman and Evensen as they vowed their lives to one another, and while Dog himself couldn’t be there, Champan notes that she’s never felt anything but support from her father.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Champan said it was hard for her dad to return to Hawaii, which is where he lost his wife Beth Chapman in 2019 after a lengthy cancer battle. While he wasn’t there physically, she felt his support on the big day and has in the years since she’s been with Evensen.

“My dad’s always just loved me, and it’s not been something we talk about. I think it’s really hard for people who are Christian and do have that belief that marriage belongs to a man and a woman. But when your daughter falls in love with someone and you love that person, you can’t just say you don’t believe in it.”

She also said she didn’t want to put words in his mouth but that she’s always felt love and support from her father. We’re sending our congratulations to the happy couple.

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