Major Lazer To Collaborate With The Weeknd For Music Is The Weapon


After delivering the excellent Peace is the Mission this past Spring, Major Lazer are gearing up to release their 2016 follow-up, Music is the Weapon. In a recent interview with AMP Radio, Diplo spoke a bit about what his group has planned for the album, and revealed an exciting collaboration that fans can look forward to.

When asked what the future holds for Major Lazer, Dip had the following to say:

“We’ve got a little more gas in Major Lazer, we’ve got another single coming out. We’re reissuing that album, so there’s five new tracks. Then we have a new album we’re going to put out next year around August or September and a single around Coachella with The Weeknd, so that’s going to be dope.”

The fact that there will be a collab with The Weeknd on Music is the Weapon is certainly pleasing news, and given the A-list talent that Major Lazer attracted for their last effort, you can bet that the R&B singer won’t be alone. No doubt Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire have brought in a starry list of artists to help them out with Music is the Weapon, and after hearing how well Peace is the Mission turned out, we can’t wait to see what Major Lazer delivers in 2016.