Mako’s “Into The Sunset” Is The Softer Side Of House


As a more tranquil undercurrent of electronic music has all but permeated through to the mainstream over the past few years, a variety of styles have coalesced into a muted amalgam of the four-four formula. For its synthesis of production elements, Mako‘s “Into The Sunset” captures the shapeless sound in all its serenity.

Premiered on the Proximity YouTube channel, “Into The Sunset” blends instrumental samples with soft synth work to create a radio-friendly cross between deep, tropical and future house that offends the ears of as few listeners as possible. Vocals by an as-yet-unidentified male singer take center stage in the arrangement, however, giving it the anthemic sort of quality that will make it a festival season staple.

As sleepy as electronic music’s next mainstream trend may sound to many, for those of us who are burned out by the main stage it’s a welcome departure. If Mako follows the tangent exhibited in “Into The Sunset” even further, it could mean a transition from relative obscurity into the mainstream spotlight.