Mark Hamill offers words of encouragement to everyone fearing Friday the 13th

luke skywalker
Image via Lucasfilm

And a merry Friday the 13th to you all. Did you remember to leave out milk and cookies for Jason Voorhees? He sends his regards straight from Camp Crystal Lake, where he’ll be throwing a party later if any oblivious, dumbfounded teenagers and well-meaning-yet-unsettling townsfolk want to attend. Come one, come all.

Just like a plodding dude in a hockey mask who, despite his incredibly slow pace, still manages to be everywhere all at once, so has this Friday, Jan. 13 given us all a surprise. But don’t worry about any potential bad luck or undead killers with a penchant for machetes because Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, has your back. 

Actually, that cat clock with its eyes slowly moving back and forth is creeping us out a little. Of course, the fans didn’t disappoint with an array of Star Wars memes, gifs, and clips perfect for the occasion. 

Considering the occasion, it was fitting that Jason found his way into the thread. What’s more, is that he dressed the part, with a mature and hilarious look from one commenter. 

It’s a good thing that the horror icon seemed to be playing nice. With a Master Jedi protecting us, there’s nothing to fear, not even from Jason. Let’s face it, Luke would easily hand Jason his ass. Let the debate begin.