Martin Garrix Admits That He Can’t Sing


While it’s definitely good to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, a recent confession from Martin Garrix demonstrates a little more self-awareness than we honestly expected from the young DJ/producer. We certainly haven’t kept quiet about our observations that the festival house megastar likes the sound of his own voice while onstage, but a recent interview reveals that that could depend very much on the context.

“I will never, never ever sing on stage,” Garrix assures us, “but when I’m in the studio I do sing melody lines. When I’m working with singer-songwriters and I hear melodies, I can guide them. I will be like, ‘Oh no, do this this this’. But you will never hear my voice on a Martin Garrix track.”

And why might Garrix refuse to contribute vocals to one of his own tracks?

“Because I can’t sing!” he assures us. “I don’t have the voice… I think. I like myself still kind of being… because DJs used to be the background guy – the guy who was just doing the music – I see myself more as that guy than being on the stage.”

Well, he could have fooled us.

Tell us, do you think Martin Garrix should take up singing, or have you had your fill with his onstage commands to “put your fucking hands up”?