Martin Garrix Is Collaborating With Walk The Moon


2015 has already been a densely packed year of massive collaborations for Martin Garrix, but it looks as though he’s about to add another to the list. A post to the website of L.A.-based Truth Studios has revealed that he came to the recording studio accompanied by Nicholas Petricca of Walk The Moon.

Cincinatti-based Walk The Moon gained notoriety for the massive success of “Shut Up And Dance” from their Talking Is Hard LP earlier in the year, but have yet to collaborate with electronic music artists in any significant capacity. According to Truth Studios’ post, the session consisted mostly of Garrix and Petricca brainstorming ideas with only base-level recordings made.

With Martin Garrix’s sound leaning more towards melody in recent months, Petrticca’s influence may well prove a worthwhile endeavor for both artists. While neither of them have publicly commented on their upcoming collaboration as of yet, we’ll provide you with updates as they come to light.