Marvel Studios ‘Echo’ series will begin filming tomorrow

Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

After the character’s debut in Hawkeye, tomorrow filming will begin for Marvel’s Disney Plus series Echo.

The news of filming comes from Alaqua Cox’s Instagram story, who plays Maya Lopez across the MCU and is set to be the focus of the upcoming series shared that the first day of filming will take place on April 21.

In the story post, Cox shared a gift of flowers she had received from Reservation Dogs star Devery Jacobs to celebrate filming kicking off for the series.

Echo looks to be another series that will further bolster Marvel Studios’ TV offerings and also act as a spin-off sequel to Hawkeye which aired late last year.

With filming kicking off this week, this is a promising sign for fans that have been eagerly awaiting the series after the character’s ambiguous final appearance in Hawkeye.

While no release date or timeframe has been officially announced fans shouldn’t expect to see the series until 2023.

This might seem like quite a wait, but Marvel has plenty of other TV content to provide between now and then. Currently, Moon Knight is airing on the Disney Plus streaming service, and following its conclusion, Ms. Marvel will be next.

Before the year is out it is expected that She-Hulk will also be released. Other projects that could come in 2022 include What… If? season 2 and Secret Invasion.

If you aren’t familiar with the character of Echo and want to catch up in the meantime Hawkeye is available to stream in its entirety on Disney Plus.