Mat Zo Dedicates “Natural” To Prince In Light Of Artist’s Passing


After word broke of musical prodigy Prince’s untimely death last week, the electronic music community saw a relatively small influx of Prince remixes when measured against the backlash from those who would denounce the producers releasing them as opportunists. By what it looks like, though, Mat Zo‘s new track, “Natural,” cannot be lumped into that category.

According to the DJ, he wrote “Natural” a year ago “as a sort of homage to Prince,” which dispels any notion that he sought to benefit from the artist’s passing after the fact. While it’s by no means a departure from Mat Zo’s trademark sound, the electro funk-infused arrangement certainly exhibits many of the hallmarks of Prince’s music as well.

It’s been but a few days since Prince was found deceased, though, so Mat Zo‘s “Natural” might soon be accompanied by lots of other music inspired by the artist’s career. Until then, listen to the track by clicking on the SoundCloud player above and let us know what you think.