Mayim Bialik calls out scammers for using her name to sell CBD gummies

mayim bailik
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

It’s not unusual to see celebrities slapping their name on wellness products these days — heck, the Kardashians have practically built their empire this way. But apparently, you can’t believe everything you see associated with a high-profile endorsement, as is the case with Mayim Bialik, who called out scam artists this week for using her name to shill CBD gummies.

“Hi everyone. So … awkward: there are many untrue things floating around the internet about many public figures, but I want to address one about me that looks very authentic but is indeed a hoax,” the Call Me Kat star wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

“I am not selling CBD Gummies of any kind and do not plan to do so at any point in the future. I have tried to get this removed to no avail. It’s not real.”

Though Bialik did not call out the companies by name, Page Six points to a couple of Facebook product pages that are leveraging the 46-year-old’s name to sell CBD gummies. One page, “Mayim Bialik CBD Gummies,” promises “relief from tension, stress and anxiety, depression, persistent discomfort, arthritis pain, irregularity, and different other issues” in a Feb. 19 post. “You can consume easily to get a remedy for smoking and insomnia,” the post shakily adds.

An accompanying link directs to a product called “Smilz CBD Gummies,” which likewise has its own Facebook page titled “Smilz CBD Gummies Mayim Bialik.”

It seems wild that even Bialik apparently cannot get the pages, which are very clearly scams, removed. Perhaps shedding some very public light on the situation will light a fire under the platform’s behind, as this is clearly not a good look and Facebook has enough bad press to contend with these days.