Mighty No. 9 Creator Keiji Inafune Takes Responsibility Of Launch Woes And Quality Issues


If Mighty No. 9 persevered through a troubled spell in development, its foray onto the market didn’t bring much in the way of change.

Launch woes and quality issues reared their ugly head earlier this week, and creator Keiji Inafune and ex-Capcom employee and translator Ben Judd solicited questions levelled at the game’s Kickstarter campaign and multi-platform development during yesterday’s launch day stream.

It was here that Inafune – esteemed Game Designer behind the Mega Man series – took responsibility for “all problems” related to Mighty No. 9. “It’s totally my fault,” Inafune conceded. “I’m the key creator. I will own that responsibility.”

Inafune and Judd then went on to discuss the platformer’s massive Kickstarter success, and why the total $4 million crowdfunding haul didn’t necessarily translate to the game’s budget.

“At the end of the day, at the end of a Kickstarter game, don’t look at the final number,” Judd said. “Imagine that being 60 percent. But in order to increase the content in a wide variety of ways–stretch goals are largely going to be based around new platforms, etc.–you really need to be able to estimate the amount of financial burden that’s going to occur on the project. Even for someone like [Inafune], who’s worked on so many different games, it’s a really hard thing to estimate. It’s something to keep in mind with Kickstarters.”

After numerous delays, Mighty No. 9 launched across PS4, PS3, Xbox One, PC and Wii U on June 21.